Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Sex, Passion, and Intimacy

Sex is more than 2 people coming together and getting off. Well to have great sex.. you want to have real intimacy with your spouse. It starts with the eyes and follows through the fingers... take your time and communicate your desires, needs, and must haves.  This kind of mindset can only lead to greater stimulation and satisfaction.  Just a few words from the pages of newest book project.  Stay tuned guys 2018 is all about "Unity"

Are you looking to improve your sex life? Are you having challenges and looking for that extra spark to spice up your love life? Well, This book is just for you!                                    

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Marriage Tip : Men are visually stimulated. No matter how much your man loves you, he wants to come home to a sexy wife. As wives it’s easy to get comfortable and forget your sexy.. While you get comfortable the chick on the job is looking like “Come take me now” in that tight skirt. lol… checking for your man.. Step your game up and get your sexy back.

Your sex life is one of the most important parts of your marriage.

Have sex with your husband as often as he is willing. So many wife struggle in this area. They punish their husbands and avoid sexual contact with them. Ladies please don’t do this, because it only pushes them away. Some men will shut completely down and lose all respect for you and began to look for other means to satisfy his desires.

Keep him interested by wearing sexy jogging suits around the house instead of a grandma  And ladies please wear sexy nighties to bed. Even if its a t-shirt, cut the back out or something. No matter how creative you need to be, just make sure it says ” You are invited to sleep with me” written all over it. Do your part!

There are times when the chemistry in a relationship can seem dull or non-existence, but it’s about keeping your man together. I know it’s not a topic that most women don’t want to discuss, but it’s time to! Go home tonight, cook him a romantic dinner and fulfill his every desire!

Get your sexy back!